Rodeo Queen & Princess

The National Rodeo Association Rodeo Queen and Princess competitions are held at several rodeos throughout the season.

The categories each contestant are judged on are: Horsemanship, Appearance, Personality & Knowledge.

Each year at the National Finals the new Rodeo Queen, Princess & Junior Princesses are crowned.

Spike Johnstone has been donating the Rodeo Queen buckle for the National Rodeo Association Queen Quests since 1979 - this gesture has been greatly appreciated by the association & the Rodeo Queens.

For more information on the Rodeo Queen, Princess or Junior Princess competitions, please contact our Rodeo Queen Coordinator Sharee Whitlock or Kayhla Small (2017 Rodeo Queen).


Attention Rodeo Queen & Princess Quest Entrants: If you are not competing in any events in the rodeo program other than the Quest, you must pay an insurance levy ($16.50 for Queens and $3.30 for juniors) on the day (this applies whether or not you are a member). If you are not a member, you must also complete day membership forms when paying your insurance levy. Please ask the Central Entries personnel to provide you with a receipt for your payment of the insurance levy as this must be presented to Christine or Stacey prior to the commencement of the Quest.

2018 Rodeo Queen

Creedence Donoghue

2018 Rodeo Princess

Kayla Moore

2018 Junior Rodeo Princess

Abby Hingst
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